The other night, Flint City Council members brought up the idea again of trying to find a way to reopen the city jail. Voters said no on the May ballot, but they're still working on ways to be able to do it and Mayor Dayne Walling is in full support of the jail reopening:

"Officers need to be able to make arrests for misdemeanors and they need to deal with prostitution and loitering. Those are the kind of crimes that lead to bigger crimes if they're not addressed. "

I asked the mayor if he thought voters would go for it the second time around and he said there may be another way to make this happen:

"The voters had told me, mayor, we couldn't vote for the property tax increase at this time, but if there's another way to do it then let's look at it."

Walling says they've been talking with the governor's office and state police about funding alternatives for this project. The city jail holds about 150 people.