Even though it didn't pass on the May ballot, Flint City Council members are still trying to figure out a way to reopen the jail, according to ABC-12. At last night's meeting, members were coming up with ideas to reopen it on a trial basis to see how it goes.

Recently, officials have been able to transfer inmates to free up bed space in the county jail, but there's still more criminals on the streets that need to be locked up. Residents weren't for it since they opted out of it on the ballot, but city council knows they need to do something, including councilman Josh Freeman:

'"I would be willing to work with the admin, to find some dollars in the interim, until the end of the year.'"

Council could get help from Michigan State Police Captain Rich Arnold, who's well aware of the problem here and says there needs to be long-term lodging for criminals:

'"I'm not here to suggest Flint's crime problems can be solved by making arrests, but to be successful, officers must have the ability to lodge criminals.'"

It should be interesting to see what other solutions council members come up with. If you put the question on the ballot again, would residents approve it this time around? Would you vote to reopen the city jail?