Black Friday is supposed to have the best deals...but is that always true? What should you NOT buy?

We're going shopping on Black Friday for the first time EVER this year, and it's for an electronics item. But are we really getting the best deal?

Every year, tech giant Adobe makes predictions about the upcoming holiday shopping season. This year, they analyzed 55 million products from 4,500 retailers stretching back to 2008. According to the report, here are the four items you shouldn't buy on Black Friday:

1. Electronics

Apparently, this past Monday was the best day to buy electronics. Since that's come and gone, you'll see bigger single-item sales today and tomorrow, but they'll also fly off the shelves quickly. And trust us; they don't have anymore in the "back."

As with most years, Apple is expected to lead the electronics deals with their wearables and tablets.

2. Toys

According to Adobe, Black Friday doesn't offer many deals on toys. You're better off waiting until Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday to purchase the toys on your list. Hot items this year include the remote control BB-8 droid from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Barbie, American Girl dolls, Lego, Hot Wheels, the remote controlled R2-D2 toy, Razor scooters and toys based on Disney’s “Frozen.”

3. Jewelry

Thanksgiving Day is apparently the best day to buy jewelry, so don't wait until tomorrow. Discounts are expected to be 25 percent across 20 percent of available items. But Adobe says do NOT wait until December.

4. Apparel

Adobe says that Thanksgiving Day is actually the best day to purchase apparel, with discounts up to 27%. This kind of stinks, though, if you're boycotting shopping on Thanksgiving Day.

So my question is...what's left to buy on Black Friday??