Didn't Grand Blanc students learn anything from the homecoming dance fiasco that got almost 30 kids kicked out of their dance last fall? Apparently not!

It was a packed house of almost 600 at the Holiday Inn Gateway Center on Friday evening for the Grand Blanc High School prom, but unfortunately, for the second time this school year, several students were asked to leave for being inappropriate. Roughly 30 prom - goers were asked to leave the event on May 3, after they violated the school's rules for face to face dancing only, Principal Jennifer Hammond told MLive.

You may remember similar headlines last fall, when Grand Blanc students were asked to leave their homecoming dance for their inappropriate dance moves.

Sending a young person to their high school prom is not cheap. This year's average cost is reported to be somewhere around $1,078. So here's my question...having spent that much money, why would you engage in any of inappropriate behavior that had already gotten other kids kicked out of a dance just last September?

Cole Edwards, a senior and one of the students asked to leave the prom probably put it best. "Tuxedo, $190. Dinner, $80. Prom tickets, $60. Grinding, priceless."