Is this a case of kids just dancing like kids or administrators and parents overreacting. It was inappropriate dancing that prompted the removal of more than two dozen students from the homecoming dance at Grand Blanc High School Saturday. Wow! Just like a scene from 'Dirty Dancing'. There was a letter sent to parents of Grand Blanc High School Students.

In a letter put out to parents the manner in which the students have been dancing has become inappropriate and at times, downright lewd and overtly sexual. The letter indicates a decision was made last spring to enforce a face-to-face only rule in order to continue to have the dances.

The majority of parents we spoke with Monday applauded the decision to remove the students if they were acting inappropriately.   Some said they just wish the situation had been handled differently.

Here is the letter that was sent to parents:

Dear GBHS Parents,

I wanted to inform you about a situation that occurred last night at the Homecoming Dance. For the past few years, the manner in which our students have been dancing has become inappropriate and at times, downright lewd and overtly sexual. It has gotten so bad that many staff members no longer want to chaperone the dances. In fact, last spring after the Sadie's Dance and Prom we made a decision that we would have to enforce a face-to-face dancing rule in order to continue to have dances.

To inform students and parents about our dance policy, we provided a copy for each family in the summer packet and required students and parents to sign the agreement. Only students who turned in this agreement were allowed to purchase tickets for the dance. These same rules were posted on the back of each homecoming ticket. Additionally, I made an announcement to the student body on Thursday afternoon explaining the fact that we would be enforcing the face-to-face dancing rule and those who failed to comply would be asked to leave. And just to make sure that each student at the dance understood this rule, we reiterated the policy and the consequences as they entered the dance.

Unfortunately, we did remove about 15 couples from the dance because they refused to dance face-to-face. At about 9:45, some students were upset about this rule and decided to leave the dance. For the remaining 700 students, they danced the night away (face-to-face) and had a great time.

I am sorry if this has caused you or your child any frustration. Believe me, I want our students to have a positive social experience during their time at GBHS. Our expectations for future dances will be for all students to dance appropriately and this policy will be strictly enforced.

Jennifer Hammond, Ph.D.

Principal, Grand Blanc High School