Earlier this week, Sheriff Pickell mentioned a deal they were trying to work on with the state in regards to moving some inmates to free up some jail space. He suggested they needed help from the state in order to pay for the costs and a plan has been put into place.

Captain Chris Swanson was in the studio talking about the plan:

"As we speak, a bus from the Department of Corrections is loading up inmates to take them to Clinton County, Shiawassaee County and Midland County. It's going to clear up about 98 beds, which is unprecedented because we've never done something like this before. "

Sheriff Pickell was hoping to get cooperation from other departments and he has. There's a bond between the Department of Corrections, governor's office, state police and the sheriff's office to make this happen.

The Department of Corrections has pledged $1 million through congress at the state level and Captain Swanson says in Genesee County, the standard fixed cost for an inmate is $68 a day:

"With this new plan, we take 98 sentenced felons and misdemeanor's and ship them all over the state, which costs $40-45. So the pledge for the project pays for roughly 225 to 250 days prepaid, so to speak."

Swanson says this is a huge step in the right direction because it shows that state, local and government leaders want to do something to make Genesee County residents feel safe. He said they'll continue to work on this long term project.