Yesterday, you probably read the story about Michigan State Police offering to bring more officers into the city of Flint. They want to help, but the city has to move 100 people out of the jail with hopes of moving them to Midland. Sheriff Pickell responded to the issue and says he appreciates help from the state police, but says they need money from the governor to do this:

"They want me to work on getting people out of jail. If we move 100 people over to Midland, I've only got two vans and I could only move 10 prisoners at a time. We need help from the state or the City of Flint."

Pickell also goes on to say that 51% of people currently in jail are from the 68th District Court and says it's time to meet with the departments to further discuss the situation. Currently, there are over 47,000 active warrants on file.

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Jamie Curtis, also thinks the state needs to help:

"The governor needs to step up and bring money to the table. He's freed up $1.8 billion to help businesses. He should allocate some of that $1.8 to get rid of crime and get it under control. By doing this, businesses could expand and they won't move if the area is safe."

I asked the sheriff what the next steps were or what people should do and he said he plans to continue meeting with officials and says people should get involved in crime watch groups and block clubs. If you ever need to report anything, call 810-257-3422.