Zillow's annual list of the most-viewed homes in each state has been released, and Michigan's pick truly leaves us with more questions than answers.

Of course, our first question will seem obvious once you see this abode:  Who the hell would want to live here?

Zillow's Most-Viewed Homes in 2023

The real estate site Zillow released its annual list of the most-viewed homes in 2023 for every state in the US. As you'd guess there are some multi-million dollar mansions in places you'd expect like Connecticut (in the city of Woodstock), Chicago, Illinois, and New York City.

But the home with the largest price tag is a west-coast monster listing for a whopping $155 million in good old Los Angeles, California. It's a 14-bedroom, limestone-clad manor with its own bowling alley and beauty salon. Oh, and it also has 27 bathrooms.

It's the exact opposite of Michigan's most-popular home listing from 2023.

Michigan's Most-Viewed Home of 2023 - Asking Price $1

This brings us to the Michigan home that was viewed more than any other last year. This Michigan Fixer Upper hit the market in August for the low, low (we're talking LOW) price of just $1.

According to the listing, the home in Pontiac presents the perfect opportunity to "unleash your inner DIY guru and embrace the challenge of turning this two-bedroom, one-bathroom ranch into a masterpiece that will make Chip and Joanna green with envy."

The tongue-in-cheek listing goes on to say that every nook and cranny of the home is "begging for your creative touch." In other words, every inch of this home needs attention.

So Many Questions About This Michigan Home

In our original story last year, this home's low price raised a lot of questions, like 'Is it haunted?' and 'Was it the scene of a murder?' Why else would this home be on the market for just $1?

Take a look at this Michigan marvel in the photos below.


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