When a picture of a couch gets nearly 7,000 reactions, you know it's something to behold. This yellow beauty, which could very easily have been in your grandmother's living room, is for sale here in Flint and people are taking notice.

The Kind You Find at a Secondhand Store

Jessica Sackman found this item - dubbed a 'Conversation Couch' because of its curved design - at the Goodwill Outlet Store on Averill in Flint. She posted the pic on the Facebook page 'Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need to be Shared,' which features all sorts of eclectic items.

Yellow Couch
Jessica Sackman via Facebook

Many have likened the weird but wonderful couch to a banana because of its luminous yellow color, while others have requested that a photo of the couch with an actual banana be taken.

Always Use Protection

Remember when you'd visit your grandparents and the furniture was covered with thick plastic slipcovers to protect the fabric? (It was like your grandma was prepared for COVID, 50 years in advance.)

Sadly, there are no pictures but it only seems fitting that this yellow beast probably was well-protected back in its day. Looking closely at the picture, it appears to be really clean and it looks like the upholstery is in great condition.

But, as some people point out in the comments section, looking at it under a black light may tell a different tale. Maybe we're better off not knowing.

Fun Fact:  There's a company that will make custom-fit plastic slipcovers for your furniture. Thank God my wife's mother doesn't know how to use the Internet.

This Couch is Destined to Have a Glorious Future

It's a longshot that any of this piece's former owners will come forward and share the details of its past.

But if you're lucky enough to add this baby to your basement that's all decked out with wood paneling, we would sure love to see the pics!

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