If TV has taught us one thing, it's that dogs can talk. Scooby Doo was a chatterbox. Astro, despite his endearing speech impediment, was very communicative. And then there's Brian from Family Guy. That dog has always talked up a storm and has quite the rich vocabulary.

Ah but in real life, we're not quite there yet.

Or are we? We'd like you to meet Parker Posey and her owner Sascha Cransnow. (You probably noticed we introduced the dog first, and yes, that was intentional.)

Sascha Has Taught Parker to Talk - Sort of

Parker Posey is a two-and-a-half-year-old rescue dog who has learned to speak using audio buttons from a company called Fluent Pets.

Sascha has a series of pads, each containing numerous audio buttons laid out on the floor in her Ann Arbor Home. She says she learned the technique from the Book 'How Stella Learned to Talk' by Christina Hunger.

Parker Posey communicates by stepping on audio buttons that correspond to certain words or phrases. The words essentially communicate the dog's basic needs like outside, poop, play, fridge, and all done.

Sascha says she currently has buttons for about 113 words and Parker Posey knows most of them.

What is Parker Posey's Most Frequently Used Word?

Sascha says the word her dog uses the most is 'Poop,' but she says that she sometimes presses that button when she simply wants to go out to play. Sascha notes with a chuckle to WDIV's Christy McDonald that Parker has learned that using 'Poop' rather than 'outside' can be more effective because it creates a sense of urgency.

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