At Christmastime, most people say they hate this, but 25% of us secretly love it. What is it?

Fruitcake. Congratulations to today's winner, Kimberlee Winterlee from Mt. Morris.



According to a survey of adults, 30% of people admit that they eat this every day and they're not ashamed of it. What is it?

Candy. Congratulations to today's winner, Tim Krol from Flushing.



Over the course of your lifetime, it's estimated that you'll spend 34 hours doing this. But you'll probably only do it during the months of November and December. What is it?

Untangling Christmas lights. Congratulations to today's winner, Terry Funch from Fenton.



According to a new survey, 53% of us say our workplaces don't have this. What is it?

A dress code. Congratulations to today's winner, Paula Cunningham from Swartz Creek.



If you are average, you will likely acquire eight of these over the holidays. Eight what?

Pounds. Congratulations to today's winner, Kendra Conroy from Clarkston.

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The Iconic Benjamin Siegel Mansion in Detroit

This landmark mansion built in 1915 for legendary Detroit businessman Benjamin Siegel features seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, and it's simply dripping in history.

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Opened in 1961, South Flint Plaza was once a hustling and bustling shopping plaza. Now, the strip mall is all but completely empty and sits decaying on Fenton Road. Take a look at what's left of the once-popular shopping center in Flint.

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