We have a winner!

Judging a singing contest is tough job. Oh sure, you may think I arrived at Courtland Center in Burton in a limo with a fully-stocked bar, and was escorted to the judges' table by armed security guards, and then had to resist the urge to accept numerous bribes from hopeful contestants. But that's not exactly how it happened...

The challenge I faced as one of four judges at Saturday's competition was deciding which of the singers really stood out from the crowd. 66 contestants were competing for a pass to the next round, in order to win a trip to Greensboro, NC, and an opportunity to audition in front of the X-Factor producers.

This year's winner:  The vocal group 'Stage'. I had my doubts when they announced that they'd be performing 'Rolling In The Deep' by Adele - that's a tough song, and Adele has big shoes to fill. But as you'll see in the video below, 'Stage' did it well, and their performance made them the local winner.

Amanda Lewis, Emily Simmermacher, and Amanda Mueller make up the group, and as you'll see, the crowd reacted with a lot of support. Good luck in the next round, ladies!