An Ohio family who appeared on the ABC reality show 'Wife Swap' is at the center of a double homicide investigation.

Kathy Stockdale and her son James Stockdale were found dead in their home. Police believe they were shot by James' older brother Jacob Stockdale, who is hospitalized after attempting to shoot himself.

The Stockdale family appeared on 'Wife Swap' in 2008, and are described in the show description as a family with wholesome beliefs, that travels the state playing bluegrass music.

"They adhere to wholesome values, untainted by modern culture. The boys have little or no interaction with the outside world, and dating is out of the question..."

As a 'Wife Swap' survivor, I have to say this story breaks my heart. I have no doubt that this family suffered at least a little anxiety during their appearance on the show, but now will be remembered for something much more devastating.


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