Surveillance video captured the moment when a West Michigan woman was hit by a large, snow covered tree branch while she was cleaning off her car.

Before we go any further, the woman is fine.

Woman Hit by Branch While Clearing Off her Car

Ironically, Chelsea McArthur was trying to clear her car off because it was parked under a tree, and she was afraid the branch may fall on her car. Well, she was right.

"I had seen a branch that was closer to my house that my car was parked next to," the Muskegon woman tells WZZM-TV in the second video below. "So that way, a tree doesn't fall on it or fall on me."

Chelsea had the right idea, but she was just a little too late.

In the first video below, you'll see the YouTube surveillance video of McArthur cleaning off her car when the branch gave way. You'll hear the limb crack just before it falls.

"I was just trying to clean the snow off my car, and BAM. I’m okay, but it really was a crazy experience. I’m very very lucky," McArthur says.


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