Imagine seeing a car fly through the air, over an expressway overpass right in front of you.

That's exactly what played out for drivers Thursday on the west side of Michigan near the town of Dorr. There are no specific details on why the driver decided to pull the Dukes of Hazzard move, but the video is incredible.

In the Tik Tok video below, you can hear the police dispatch describe the scene but nothing prepared me for the moment the car took flight.

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How anyone lived through that stunt is unbelievable, but the reports were that the driver actually climbed out of the back window after landing.

This is some crazy Clark Griswold type of stuff!

The original Tik Tok video was uploaded by a user named GrumpyGuy21. The audio that went along with it was the corresponding police scanner, but he made some improvements on the next video.

The only thing that the videos from GrumpyGuy21 are missing is what the car looked like when it landed. Luckily another TikToker was recording as they drove by the scene shortly after the flying car touched down.

I hate to sit here and sound like I'm laughing about a situation that could have been a potential tragedy, but it's hard not to be in awe.

We've all had that thought when we were driving, even if it was just a fleeting moment, where we say, "I bet I could jump that." Then common sense kicks in and we decide not to ruin our car, and potentially our lives by doing whatever dumb jump was in front of us.

Maybe this driver just decided it was time to answer the question once and for all.

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