A police officer in Ypsilanti is being investigated after he was seen repeatedly punching a woman in the head Tuesday (5/26) night.

Police officers had attempted to form a perimeter in order to protect bystanders from a shooter in the area. The video, which reports say was taken from across the street, shows the unnamed white police officer punching Sha’Teiny Grady El, who is black. Grady El and her husband Dan were reported to be uncooperative with officers and Dan Grady El was tased by police.

The video of the incident is below.

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Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry Clayton called the incident disturbing.

“There is absolutely no doubt, and no argument from me, that the images in the video are disturbing,��� he said. “It warrants a complete investigation.”

Clayton says several officers have been placed on administrative leave while an internal investigation is being conducted.

Several demonstrators have been marching outside the Washtenaw County's Sheriff's office since the incident.

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