It all started with a Kickstarter campaign...

...and now, over 500 masks have been sold.

Arohi Jain is a graduate of the University of Michigan; when she visited her family in India in 2019, she wasn't surprised to see people wearing masks to protect themselves from air pollution. It's a common practice in other countries.

She decided to set out to develop a new, lightweight mask to protect people from polluted air...and then COVID-19 happened. So, she switched gears and started to develop a mask that would prevent the spread of the coronavirus and that wouldn't fog up peoples' glasses.

Jain created an all-female startup company called BreezeBubble to create these masks. The difference between her masks and the ones that we're wearing now is that they're breathable, yet snug, offering protection AND comfort at the same time.

She also started a Kickstarter campaign, which raised $10,000 in less than two days.

The masks have an airtight seal and filters which make them BFE95 certified, which indicates that they filter the air going in AND out of the mask. They also hold the typical N95 certification as well.

The masks are $45 a piece and come with 10 filters. You can buy them HERE.

Smooth Silicone Seal: It's soft and airy silicone seal is designed to sit snug and comfy on your face.

No Fogging in Glasses: Due to its airtight fit we ensure that no dirty air can leak in and out of the mask and hence there is no fogging of glasses.

High Protection: Our BFE95 certified filters ensure high protection. 10 replaceable certifies filters are included with each of our rewards.

Lightweight: The BreezeBubble is super light and weights 1.4 ounces.

Wash and Reuse: You can easily clean and reuse the mask

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