Remember the 'fake orgasm' scene from 'When Harry Met Sally'? It was a rhetorical question -- of course you remember it. Now, multiply that by 20, and you have a hilarious video that will have you standing up to shout, "I'll have what she's having!"

The scene is Katz Delicatessen in New York City, and the video centers around one couple, dressed up like the characters played by Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. She, um, gets things going, so to speak, and is joined by 20 other actresses who also put on very convincing shows. The actors who play their partners have rather easy roles, needing to only look on with deadpan stares. (Check out the guy at 1:50.)

The video was put together by 'Improv Everywhere' as part of their 'Movies in Real Life' series. It was actually staged without prior knowledge or permission from the deli's staff and patrons, but it seems like most of them enjoyed the ride. So to speak.

- George McIntyre
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