Dagwood Bumstead and I are kindred spirits.  A great sandwich is a work of art.  A delicious work of art!  Tomorrow (November 3) is Sandwich Day, in honor of the birthdate of John Montague, the Earl of Sandwich.

Legend has it that Montague, a.k.a. the Earl of Sandwich was the first to stick some meat between two slices of bread while engaged in a marathon gambling spree in the mid-1700's.

Thus, the Sandwich was born!

Sandwiches can be made with simple ingredients like peanut butter and jelly or can be stacked high with meats and cheeses a la Dagwood Bumstead ("Blondie" comic strip) who is legendary for his towering culinary creations.

The true beauty of the sandwich is you can put whatever you like on it.  A sandwich can be a snack or a meal.  It can feed one or a whole team!

Build yourself a great sandwich in celebration of Sandwich Day!

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