Looking for an apartment home to rent, but you want to “make it your own” and decorate the interior to your likes and dislikes? Many people want to rent an apartment but don’t know if their permitted to make the interior personalized to their tastes. Surprisingly, many apartment complexes -- like GrandBlancApartments.com -- are open to small interior changes as long as they do not cause damages, and most importantly, that any major decorative changes are returned to the original condition prior to move out. Make sure you ask or check your lease prior to making any changes so you do not incur any charges.

  • Ms..G, Flickr
    Ms..G, Flickr

    Changing the Colors of Your Apartment

    Can I paint my bedroom a different color?

    GrandBlancApartements.com is open to changes in wall paint color as long as the walls are returned to the original paint color prior to move out. For many apartment communities, tenants that do no return the walls to the original color will likely be subject to repainting charges.


    When changing the wall color, remember these three things. First, a deeper wall color requires 2 or 3 coats to get back to the original wall cover. As we know, time is money, so if you are not planning on repainting before move out, be wise and choose a lighter color. Secondly, make sure you use the same paint texture. For example, if the walls were originally painted with flat paint, you will want to choose another flat color, or you will need to prime the wall back to flat paint if you chose a semi-gloss texture, for example. Third, be cautious when deciding to paint on your own. If you do not put down a drip cloth and create carpet damage from paint drippings, you will likely be financially responsible upon move out.

  • PoYang_博仰, Flickr
    PoYang_博仰, Flickr

    Window Coverings

    Can you change the window coverings?

    GrandBlancApartments.com provides blinds with your apartment. This is a very desirable feature for tenants. If you desire additional window coverings such as drapes or valances, most apartment complexes are very open to these forms of interior design. Many apartment complexes do not allow make shift window coverings such as, sheets.

  • mikedarnell1974, Flickr
    mikedarnell1974, Flickr

    Framed Art or Pictures

    Can I hang art and pictures on my walls?

    Is it okay to hang things on the walls? What if there is wallpaper? Most apartment complexes are okay with items on the wall, but there are a few important things to remember. If you are concerned about being charged, there are items like, Command Strips made by 3m, available at your local hardware store that will cause no wall damage. If you are going to use nail hooks, make sure you use the proper weight for the item you are hanging. You should always avoid putting holes in wallpaper as there is no way to patch holes in wallpaper. When in doubt, check your lease to avoid charges upon move out.

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