Literally yesterday, I drove by The Red Baron in Burton and I thought to myself, why aren't they open yet? At that very moment, I started to crave their chicken wings.

On March 18, they announced they were going to have to make the difficult decision of closing their doors through March 30th. Well, here we are in the middle of June and they're still not open. They didn't even offer takeout during the lockdown.

According to their Facebook page, they were originally hoping to be open at this point:

We are working on finishing up some projects inside and will open as soon as possible. We are projecting June 15. Will keep everyone posted as we have an exact date. Thank you for everyone's patience. We were caught off guard with the earlier open date than originally anticipated. We are excited to see everyone soon.

Yesterday they posted that they would be opening up this Friday, June 19th instead. Apparently whatever changes they're making to the inside took a bit longer than they expected.

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I'm sure once they open everyone will be expected to practice social distancing and I'm sure there will be a capacity limit policy in place.

I still haven't dined out since the state opened up because I didn't want to have to wait to get in. With the Red Baron opening back up on Friday, that may be one spot, I'm willing to wait for. Those wings need to get in my belly now.

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