One tiny town in Michigan has a very big distinction:  Its mayor has been serving longer than any other mayor in the entire country.

She's Been the Mayor for 48 Years

Keeping the same job for more than 48 years is quite an accomplishment and remaining in political office for almost five decades is practically unheard of. But that's exactly what Mayor Margaret Doud has done.

Mayor Doud was sworn in on April 1, 1975 and has been serving ever since. That's 48 years, 219 days (as of today), and counting.

Where is Margaret Doud mayor? Mayor Doud has been proudly serving the people of Mackinac Island since the mid 70s. This makes her the longest serving mayor in the entire United States.

The job of Mackinac Island Mayor is an elected position, so Mayor Doud has run and has been elected mayor of the city each year since then.

By the way, we did a little research and found that Robert Heidenescher, the mayor of Dupont, Ohio is the second-longest serving mayor in the US, clocking in just nine months after Doud on the first day of 1976.

Mayor Margaret Doud, Hotel Manager

According to her Wikipedia page, the 80-year-old mayor of Mackinac Island also served as the co-manager of the historical Windemere Hotel. She and her mother shared managerial responsibilities until her mother passed away in 2015, and she has shouldered the responsibility on her own ever since.

Before she was elected mayor, Doud was appointed to the City Council in 1974.

Mackinac Island is a Step Back in Time

In the video below, Doud calls Mackinac Island a "step back in time," noting that one of the many things that makes it unique is its automobile ban. She also brags about the island's beauty, tranquility, and of course its world-famous fudge.

118 Room Mansion in Rochester Heads for Auction

A home that was once Michigan's second-most expensive home on the market features a staggering 118 rooms, an indoor pool, and it's just dripping with opulence.

A little more than a year ago, the asking price was $11.5 million. Today, the opening bid for this luxurious mansion starts at $2.5 million.

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Inside the $5.9M Cedar-Clad 'Boardwalk Cottage' on Mackinac Island

This is everything you thought it would be - and more. If you have strolled the whimsical streets of Mackinac Island not far from downtown, you have surely seen the "Boardwalk Cottage". The unique cedar-clad home is a standout for its design and beauty, and it's no wonder considering who owns the home. The home was built in the 1980s by the McIntire family, the previous owners of The Hotel Iroquois on the island for over 65 years. Much like the hotel that they brought to a legendary stage, the 4200 square foot home is considered one the island's finest.

Inside the home, you will find three bedrooms, each with its own sitting area, walk-in closet, and private bath, each overlooking the Straits of Mackinac. The first-floor master suite will have you waking up with spectacular views of Lake Huron. The outside offers amazing space for entertaining and just taking in all the beauty the home is surrounded by.

Take a look inside.

Gallery Credit: Jane Fisher, Gaslight Group Properties via Zillow

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