Just For Laughs: Gags

Looking For A Way To Prank Your Co-Workers? [VIDEO]
There are some pretty good ways to prank fellow office workers. Everything from taping their phones down to discretely disconnecting their mouse or keyboard. Around here we prefer the good ol' Facebook or e-mail bombs. While those are fine, this one takes office pranking to a whole new level…
Five Hilarious Movie Related Pranks [VIDEO]
The Canadian hidden camera show "Just For Laughs: Gags" has a new season set to air early next year, and it promises to be loaded with more pranks and laughs that we've come to know and love. This time around, we present a collection of movie related pranks spoofing everything from "J…
Fun With Magnets [VIDEO]
Nothing says Friday like a good prank!  Watch as the gang from "Just For Laughs: Gags" rig a table in a restaurant with a powerful magnet, and serve soup with a metal bowl and spoon!  Enjoy!
Pranks At The Farmer’s Market [VIDEO]
It was unbelievably warm in Flint yesterday, and I was joking with my wife about doing some gardening.  Had it been open, yesterday would have been perfect for a trip to the Farmer's Market.
That being said, next time you're there, try pulling off a prank like this!  Check it out …
More Tricks Than Treats [VIDEO]
Whether you were out trick-or-treating, or at a spooky party, I hope you had a great Halloween last night.  My family and I had a blast in Davison.  Thankfully, we did not encounter any tricks like these poor people.  Check out the fun after the jump!
Kids Beat Up Cop Gag [VIDEO]
As the kids are getting ready to head back to school, many will be asked "What did you do this summer?"  These kids will be able to say "I beat up a cop!"
Check out the fun after the jump!

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