Learn To ‘Flip’ Over Your Food
If you like to cook and appreciate the fine art of preparation then here are some tips to help make it easier and more fun to flip your food. Chef John from Food Wishes gives away his secrets in the following video using balls of cheese as his teaching tool.
Taste of Home VIP Tickets at New You Dental Center
The Taste of Home Cooking School is coming to the Perani Arena on November 10th. Reserved tickets are on sale now at the Perani Box Office and VIP tickets (right up in the front) will soon go on sale at New You Dental Center.
Reasons Why I Don’t Enjoy Cooking
You've heard me talk about cooking and how I don't usually enjoy it.  It's a chore to me and if I notice there's a long recipe, I usually don't even attempt to make it.  I've been sick all week and thought I would try to make my very own broccoli soup, which t…