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Murdered Lapeer Child's Story To Air on TV
It's always heartbreaking to hear stories of child abuse, neglect and murder, especially when it's one of our own. The story of a 2-and-a-half-year-old from Lapeer who was sexually abused and murdered by her step mom will be featured on TV tonight.
Texas Judge Won’t Be Charged In Beating Daughter [Video]
Yesterday, we talked about the video that had gone viral which included a Texas judge beating his daughter with a belt over using the internet. We found out the judge specializes in child abuse cases and his daughter released the video because she wanted him to get help. According to The Today Show,…
Texas Judge Under Investigation For Beating Child [Video]
A judge in Texas is under fire after a video went viral showing him beating his daughter with a belt because she was using the internet without permission. Fox News reports the judge claims the video isn't as bad as people think and is trying to apologize for his behavior.
He hasn't been removed from…
Dominick Calhoun’s Family In Lansing For Child Abuse Bill
I'm sure everyone remembers Dominick Calhoun, the boy who died as a result of child abuse. His mom and her then boyfriend have been charged and in the meantime, Dominick's grandparents have been pushing for laws to increase punishment for child abusers. The Calhoun family will be going to Lansing to…

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