Batman Does the Weather at Local News Station [VIDEO]
Sometimes the clothes you wear when you leave the house make a lasting impression. Remember the Batman caught cruising in a black Lamborghini not too long ago? This Batman is now a local celebrity.
He’s local businessman Lenny B. Robinson, who enjoys dressing up as Batman and spending his own money…
Watch Toronto’s Batman Freak Out Pedestrians
Batman will generally only don his bat-suit when there is crime that needs to be fought. However, there is another caped crusader — Toronto Batman — who has no problem slipping into the iconic costume just because he wants to enjoy a night on the town.
Batman Badly Beaten on Las Vegas Strip [VIDEO]
Last week, I reported on Batman being arrested up in Petoskey.  In a video circulating the Internet this week, a man dressed as Batman engaged in what began as a bit of playful street theater with a non-costumed rival on the Vegas strip.
But soon, faux-punches turned to real ones, and the two slugg…
Batman Behind Bars?
This is what The Joker, The Penguin, and The Riddle have been waiting for since the 1960s.  Don’t bother with the Bat-signal; Batman is behind bars here in Michigan.
A 31-year-old Harbor Springs man has been arraigned after he was found on the roof of a hardware store in downtown Petoskey… dressed as…