A serial pooper has struck the campus of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. At least eight students have reported finding fecal matter in washing machines in one of the residence halls.

Brian Piller, a freshman at the university, tells the school newspaper he was one of the victims.

“I went down into the laundry room to wash my clothes and I opened one of the washers and noticed that it smelled like someone had taken a dump in there."

Some students suspect that the poop perpetrator may be making a statement to students who are taking too long to remove their clothes after the machines have stopped.

“It kind of surprised me,” Pillar said. “I wondered if maybe someone had had an accident in their clothes or something. It never occurred to me that, you know, someone would poop on clothes in the laundry room.”

Following the reports, students have been counseled about the importance of responsible group living and respecting each other's property.

There are no cameras in Abbott Hall's laundry area.

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