This story sort of shocked me when I first read it. Sort of. A new survey conducted by Lookout, a mobile security company, found that 18% of American smartphone users "sext." Sexting is sending pictures, video or racy text over your phone.



We've all read about how this is a phenomenon done mostly by hormonally-charged teenagers. New data suggests that mom and dad are using their smartphones in this way.

One in five adults with children under 18 admitted to "sexting." 25% of women age 35 to 44 have sent sex text messages. Eleven percent of adults say they have recorded explicit videos and sent them on their phone.

Oddly, only 3% of adults say that they are worried about losing their phones or that inappropriate content might be seen by strangers or their own children. Either people are very naive, or they just don't seem to care.

Perhaps they want it to be seen by anybody and everybody. Once it's out there (on the internet), you can't pull it back.

Sexting and driving? It happens, but we're not going down that road today.