President Joe Biden got an opportunity to visit the Detroit Auto Show today (9/14) and made a comparison between a new Ford Mustang and General Motors' iconic sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette.

"Zero to 60 in three seconds," the President proclaims as he and Ford Chairman Bill Ford marvel at a new electric Ford Mustang. "My Corvette is 5.2 seconds."

Ford sheepishly corrected the President, saying "three and a half seconds, but who's counting?"

"Does it have a launch button?" Biden quips in the video From Fox 2 below.

Ford went on to share with the President his memory of the day Ford engineers first approached him about building an electric Mustang. He told Mr. Biden that he was extremely skeptical about the idea of an electric Mustang.

"The guys came to me and said 'we have a new Mustang' and I said 'well tell me about it,'" he told Biden.

"It's an electric -- I said 'Stop right there. We can't have an electric Mustang,'" And they said 'well it also kind of looks like an SUV.' I said 'no chance we're going to call this thing a Mustang. No chance.' And they said 'Why?'"

"I said 'A Mustang has to have a V8, has to have a stick shift, has to sound good.' And the teams said 'Well, would you at least drive a prototype?' and I said 'Sure, but we're not calling it a Mustang.'"

"I got in the prototype and I never had so much fun and I came back in on Monday and said 'Okay guys, we can call it a Mustang.'"

The North American International Auto Show runs through the weekend at Huntington Place, formerly Cobo Arena in Detroit.

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