OneRepublic's new single, 'Love Runs Out,' has just leaked online -- and it. sounds. awesome.

The rock-sounding song, which has no official release date but is available for pre-order starting tomorrow (April 15), features some serious vocals from frontman Ryan Tedder and boasts a sick intro that builds into a crescendo and sounds just like a train chugging along.

Tedder spoke to CapitalFM about the tune, saying, "We have a new single that's not even on the album that's about to drop." (Quote via Digital Spy.) Interesting! Why put out a single that's not on the record?

"The very short back story on the song was when we were working on 'Native' I originally thought this was going to be the first single and it's called 'Love Runs Out' and I wanted it to be the first single, a few of us in the band did, but I could not finish the chorus," Tedder revealed about the tune. "And you can't have a song without a chorus."

Of course, 'Counting Stars' ended up being the lead single from 'Native,' and it scored the band their second No. 1 hit. But 'Love Runs Out,' says Tedder, is a track he likes just as much as 'Counting Stars.'

And fortunately for all of us, Tedder, like the killer songwriter he is, ultimately completed that -- and a crazy catchy one at that.

Listen to 'Love Runs Out' below:

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