Shepard Smith took a couple of minutes out of his broadcast to blast the media for its hype, and for creating unnecessary hysteria about the Ebola virus.

The Fox News anchor was actually the voice of reason, as he pointed out that the virus is isolated. Two healthcare workers contracted the disease from a dying man, and those two people are quarantined, and unable to spread the disease to anyone in the general population.

"I report to you with certainty this afternoon that being afraid at all is the wrong thing to do. 'Being petrified,' and that's a quote, is ridiculous. The panic that has tanked the stock market and left people fearful that their children will get sick at school is counterproductive, and lacks basis in fact or reason. There is no Ebola spreading in America."

Smith goes on to urge Americans to get a flu shot, saying that flu viruses are much easier to contract compared to the Ebola virus. He notes that 52,000 Americans died last year from the flu, or flu-related illnesses.

Click on the video below to hear Smith's message.


- George McIntyre
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