A touching video featuring 25 families of kids with Down Syndrome and Michael Buble singing 'All I Want for Christmas is You' speaks to the artist's compassion for kids.

The group 'Wouldn't Change a Thing' is dedicated to changing negative perceptions and stereotypes the public may have about people with Down Syndrome. Their latest video features individuals and families affected by Downs singing along to -- audibly and in sign language -- to Buble's version of the Christmas song 'All I want for Christmas is You.'

“When I heard that Wouldn’t Change a Thing had chosen one of my songs to sign to, I was really moved by it,” Buble says at the beginning of the video. “It’s absolutely beautiful.”

The video also shows the families' visit to the British TV talk show 'This Morning' where they witnessed the lighting of several Christmas trees and were treated to a surprise visit by Buble himself.

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