Security Credit Union has removed the message "We Back the Badge" from the electronic sign outside its Flint Township branch.

The message was originally intended to show support for local law enforcement personnel who continue to work and protect the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the message caused some confusion after the death of George Floyd sparked demonstrations in cities across the United States, leaving some wondering if the institution was showing support for now-fired police officers in Minneapolis.

The credit union noted on its Facebook page that it had begun displaying that message months ago, long before the Memorial Day incident, and offered sympathy to Floyd's family.

"We hope you can see that this was obviously not our intent. We mourn the death of George Floyd and condemn the actions that took him away from his loved ones."

We applaud the management team at Security Credit Union who recognized that their well-meaning message could have been interpreted in a different way.

They went on to explain why the message had been removed and graciously apologized for any confusion that may have been caused by the sign.

"We have removed the message from our video message board, not because we don’t appreciate the sacrifice that all of our first responders make every day when they leave their homes, but because we don’t want our attempt to show appreciation to be misconstrued by our members."


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