Let me just say, I am feeling like a kid again being completely excited about this.

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A staple of childhood for pretty much anyone growing up, especially those of us of a certain age, Little Debbie snack cakes were that special lunchbox treat and after school snack.  Although every Little Debbie item is aaaammmaaazzzing, those Christmas Tree Cakes are one of the the most popular. Maybe it's because they are seasonal and we can't indulge year round, but whatever it is, they are delicious.

This year the most beloved seasonal snack cake that yummy and delightful tree-shaped sugary snack is being turned into ice cream. Little Debbie, part of McKee Foods, bringing the new frozen treat exclusively to Walmart starting November 1.

According to reports, the brains behind the new launch was none other than Michigan based Hundsonville Ice Cream. Rich in history, Hudsonville Ice Cream has been giving us sweet treats for over 90 years, so who better to introduce Little Debbie to the ice cream world.

The new ice cream flavor is described as, "a rich vanilla flavor and is chock-full of "decadent golden cake chunks." To add a festive flair, it's swirled with green sprinkles and red icing (just like the mini cakes that customers have come to adore over the years)."

Keep in mind, just like the snack cakes that inspired the seasonal treat, it will be available for a limited time. You can grab yours for $2.50 at a Walmart near you. Because we know it is going to be beyond delicious, you may want to stock up...or even over stock. This stuff is going to be good!

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