It was an evening of Surprises as Josh Groban took the stage Saturday at the Palace of Auburn Hills. As expected, the 30 year-old greeted the crowd with a mix of songs from his latest platinum-selling CD "Illuminations," and hits from his four previous studio releases.  But it was when the singer took questions from the crowd via text messaging that things really got interesting!

The clarity of the first video isn't great, but what it lacks in quality it makes up in pure cuteness! Check out 3-year-old Joseph, as he sings the National Anthem with Josh. Then in the second video, watch as Trina and Ed join Groban on stage. They walked up as boyfriend and girlfriend, but left the stage as an engaged couple!

And for the Grobanites, we've thrown in a few of Josh's videos too. Enjoy!

3-year-old Joseph sings with Josh Groban

Couple gets engaged at Josh Groban's Detroit concert

Josh Groban "You Raise Me Up"

Josh Groban "To Where You Are"

Josh Groban "Believe"

Josh Groban "February Song"

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