No one doubted that Stephen Colbert would put in an appearance on his former Daily Show host’s final hour, but thankfully the future Late Show leader didn’t party too hard afterward. Early Friday, Colbert announced his first Late Show guest for September, none other than the handsomest of handsome, George Clooney.

Colbert himself tweeted out the news on Friday morning, just hours after Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show, in which Colbert delivered a passionate thanks to a tearful Stewart for all his belief in the “Appalachian Turd-miner.” No word yet on if Stewart’s first show will feature a second guest, musical act, or potentially change the format.

Colbert hasn’t exactly stayed quiet during the off season, first touting his return by dispensing with the Colbeard, getting in on the Donald Trump game, and more recently setting up a daily lunch date webseries. It’ll still take some adjustment to embrace Colbert’s more reserved comedy stylings, rather than the ultra-conservative blowhard of his late-night past, but if these new Late Show promos are any indication, we’ll be there for the September 8 premiere.

Colbert will undoubtedly step up promotion, with Stewart’s send-off out of the way, but was George Clooney the most interesting choice for our new Late Show? What surprises might still lie in store? Check out the latest promos below.

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