Sunday's mass shooting at Las Vegas' Route 91 Harvest Festival has once again sparked debate about gun control, and many in the entertainment industry say enough is enough.

Calls for stricter gun control laws after high-profile shootings in Orlando, San Bernardino, Virginia Tech and Newtown are all-too familiar, so a cynical person might say nothing will get done. But stars and politicians like Lady Gaga and Hillary Clinton aren't giving up, and are insisting that lawmakers and elected officials fight for a safer nation.

Guitar legend Carlos Santana was among the legion of people pleading for reform. "Why allow weapons of mass destruction to be sold to civilians?" he asked in a statement (via Billboard). "The laws need to be changed to prevent this from ever happening again."

Sunday's shooting, carried about by 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, comes at an auspicious moment, since the House had been expected to debate a bill regulating gun silencers this week. That may now be postponed, though, in light of the Las Vegas massacre.

Take a look below to see what some celebrities had to say in the wake of the Las Vegas shootings.

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