Let’s play a guessing game. Lady Gaga‘s nickname is Mother Monster. She lovingly and maternally refers to her legion of fans and millions of Twitter followers as her little monsters. So, what do you think Gaga might name her debut fragrance? Come on, make an educated guess! If you guessed “Monster,” you’re likely to be right.

WWD, the fashion trade, reported that the odds are high that Gaga will use that familiar vocabulary word when it comes to christening her first celebrity scent.

WWD revealed that market reports are already circulating for the scent, created by fragrance powerhouse Coty Beauty. Eau de Gaga, as we like to call it, is due sometime in 2012 and indications are that it may be called “Monster.” Coty did not respond to confirmation requests regarding the name at press time.

While we’re excited about the name of the fragrance, it’s the actual notes that have us super curious. Gaga did say that it would smell like blood and semen when she first revealed she was entering the scent-crafting industry like so many of her pop star peers. There’s no “normal” notes of vanilla, toasted coconut, sandalwood, pink grapefruit or musk when it comes to a Gaga-designed scent! If it does contain notes of blood and sex, it’ll smell like life and love, literally!

Maybe Gaga will use her own DNA in the chemical makeup of the perfume, so that little monsters can actually breathe in her aura and keep her close to them. Would it shock you if she did so? It certainly would not surprise us!

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