There still seems to be some confusion about whether or not Michiganders can legally smoke marijuana in public.

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Despite the legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan on December 6, 2018, there remains a lack of clarity for some individuals regarding allowed and restricted locations for smoking.

People must realize that just because it's legal doesn't mean you can fire one up whenever and wherever they please.


Is It Legal to Smoke Weed in Public in Michigan?

No, it's not legal to smoke weed in public in the state of Michigan. All outdoor consumption of marijuana, in any form, is illegal.

According to Babi Legal Group, the only exception to this law is if you are consuming weed at a location that has a social consumption license. These Designated Consumption Establishments allow people to use weed while they are on their premises, as a social activity.


Can You Get in Trouble for Smoking Weed in Your Yard?

While you likely won't get in trouble for smoking weed on your property or even in your backyard, you certainly can get in trouble for doing so in a public place such as on the street, outdoor concert venue, in a park, or even in your vehicle.

What Can You Do if You Smell Your Neighbor Smoking Weed?

There is nothing you can do if they're on their property. You may not like it but there's not much you can do besides having a friendly conversation about it. It's not much different than having a neighbor who smokes cigarettes outside.

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