Two minutes morning and night to brush teeth? Ain't nobody got time for that. A new Kickstarter campaign hopes to put a new space-age toothbrush in your bathroom, one that will only require 30 seconds of your time to use.

It's called Chiiz and it kinda reminds me of a Roomba for your mouth.

You put the toothpaste on the product and put it in your mouth, letting it take care of brushing angles and pressure, the things dentists say we typically screw up.

“Although the device only takes 30 seconds to clean your teeth, the time it takes — though important — is not my main concern," founder and CEO Michael Zhang tells Digital Trends. "My original purpose for this product was to create a brush that guides to clean your teeth the right way. At the same time, I wanted to create a brush which was hands-free, where you didn’t need to worry at all about brushing duration, angle or strength when using it. Chiiz just does it all automatically.”

It's not on the market yet, but the makers of Chiiz hope to start shipping the product in September. There are no guarantees with Kickstarter campaigns, but this one seems promising. Its inventors have surpassed their $10,000 goal by more than 10 times.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think.

Now if they could just make flossing more convenient.


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