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Have you even taken yourself on a time traveling trip into your past?  It's really not as hard as it sounds.  You can do it by walking through the halls of your old high school, or even better, your elementary school!  Not only do you feel like Marty McFly, but you also feel like Gulliver.

I recently visited one of my old elementary schools, Doyle Knight in Lennon.  Walking down the halls, I felt like the school had shrunk by at least fifty percent.

Aside from a few minor changes, everything was the same... the smells, the sounds, the classrooms.  All that was missing were my teachers, Mr. Junger and Mrs. Pado, and my principal Mr. Abdella (now Dr. Abdella, Assistant Superintendent at Grand Blanc Schools).  It was almost as if I had never moved on to junior high or high school.   I was saddened this morning to learn that my "time capsule" may be closing.   ABC12 reported that the Durand Schools may be closing Doyle Knight, and Wilber Bills in Bancroft due to budget and enrollment issues.

I wish I could travel back in time for real and do something to prevent the closing of Doyle Knight from happening, but I'm not sure if anything can be done.  Budgets are budgets, and I'm sure the district will only close the two schools as a last resort.

It's awesome when you can open a door and experience something that literally takes you back in time.  At the same time, it's sad when that door to your past is closed forever.  Are there any places still around that take you back in time?

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