We all have guilty pleasures when it comes to TV where we may not want to admit what we watch.  I never used to be a big Bachelor fan, but lately I find myself tuning in to the show. Last night was the season premiere with Brad Womack being the latest bachelor.  He was the bachelor three years ago but never chose anyone in the end and says he's now ready to find love.  He went on to say that he was in therapy for a few years to figure out why he couldn't find love.  I really wanted to change the channel but I wanted to keep watching for some reason.  It's like an accident where you know you shouldn't drive by slow but you can't help but watch to see what is going on.

I used to make fun of my friends for watching the show but now I can't say anything because I'm that person who wants to keep watching.  Brad had to confront the two women he didn't choose in the end and he told them he was sorry.  Even better was the first girl that Brad encountered last night who actually slapped him but then said she's ready to find love.  You can listen to the audio and hear for yourself.