No matter what kind of profession you have, everyone is allowed mistakes. It’s all a part of being human and the best we can do is try to be as kind about those mistakes as possible when they effect us. Some mistakes however are just flat out hilarious and should be enjoyed, especially when they’re small errors that make a BIG difference.

I don’t know who is responsible for making street signs or highway signs but somebody must’ve had a rough day at the office because their blunder resulted in a hilarious spelling error which has had thousands of people second-guessing what they’ve just seen. You can rub your eyes and shake your head but yes, apparently Grand Rapids has an evil twin city, Grand Radips.

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The sign, which was recently installed can be seen at I-96 & 48th Ave in Coopersville and people have laughing ever since. Just AS ridiculous, there's also a Coopersville sign at the next exit that says "Cooperville".

There’s no word yet on whether or not they plan on replacing the sign with the proper spelling, but if nobody else has I’m totally calling dibs on that sign. If you’ve got a problem with it, meet me in Grand Radips and we’ll handle it. Otherwise I’m pretty sure since we’re the first publication I’ve seen talk about it, it deserves a place on our studio wall. If not, at least we can all share a laugh and hope the person responsible doesn’t get laid off.

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