Do you remember us talking about the Zumba World Record attempt last month? It's taking place on Saturday at Bluebell Beach and you need to come out and help Genesee County break the record. It doesn't matter if you're coordinated, as long as you keep moving for an hour, you'll be okay.

Director of Genesee County Parks Amy McMillan, tells us what you need to know for the event:

"The current record is Brownsville, Texas and it was 1,223 and we're hoping for 2,000 people on Saturday. We have 15 Zumba instructors from all over the county who are donating their time and bringing all of their folks, in addition to everyone else coming out."

The attempt starts at 11:00am and it will be for one hour. You should plan to arrive at the park no later than 10:30 so you can register and get your bottle of water. Amy also said that if you stop moving, someone will come over and snip your wristband, which means you are out of the competition.

Come and support Genesee County and try to help break the world record. I'm going to be an official  witness for the event and maybe part of the Zumba class, so hopefully I'll see you out there. This event is part of the Physical Feast Fitness Fair, which will be taking place all day at Bluebell Beach.