Take the family out to some FREE theater this weekend!

Third thru fifth graders at Doyle/Ryder Elementary School are putting on a musical production of Cinderella this weekend.

Doyle/Ryder is one of four schools in the state to receive a grant, allowing them to work with Disney Theatrical Group and MSU's Wharton Theater Group. They'll also get to perform at the Wharton Center (Cobb Hall) on May 31st. I talked to Shari Burdt, the director of the AmeriCorps Reading program at the school (and the director of the play), and she said that the students are "very excited" about this opportunity.

Last year, the students lost all of their costumes in a flood. So, this year, Laurie's Children's Wear provided the costumes.

The shows are today at 2 PM and 6 PM, and tomorrow at 2 PM, and it's FREE! The show runs approx. 30 minutes. Congratulations, kids! And good luck!




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