16-year-old Bretagne was euthanized after serving as a disaster search-and-rescue dog since the age of 2.

You WILL cry. Just know this ahead of time.

Bretagne (pronounced Britt-nee) worked at the 9/11 site for 10 days, searching for survivors and human remains with her handler, Denise Corliss. After that, she went on to respond to Hurricanes Ivan, Rita and Katrina.

She retired at the age of 9, and continued to serve as a goodwill ambassador and a reading assistant. She had slowed down in recent years, was having liver problems and had stopped eating. So, on Monday, she was taken to be euthanized...with a well-deserved send-off.

AJ just cried on the air talking about it. I'm tearing up, too! Thanks for your service, Bretagne. Rest in peace, pooch!