'Dancing With The Stars' co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet revealed yesterday on a blog post under Modernmom.com that she is battling cancer. Details on Brooke's health and her video announcement concerning her cancer can be found after the jump.


Brooke, the co-host of ABC's 'Dancing With The Stars' and the mother of four, made the video so that fans were getting the correct information. In the video she reveals that the nodule on her thyroid was found during a routine physical, and that after months of "research" and "tests" and "second opinions" she received her test results. "They were not good," she remembers. Her thyroidectomy has been scheduled and her prognosis is good. "I'm going to be fine. And I feel really really strong." she says. "Doctors say this is a good kind of cancer to have. Good cancer! That sounds so crazy. But my doctor did tell me this is a happily-ever-after ending kind of thing. I'm going to fight right through this."