If you are ready to vote in next weeks election, be aware that some states require you to present a valid ID BEFORE you can vote. Make sure you take your drivers license or a state issued ID because some forms of ID won't be acceptable. Here are a few that just won't work!

1. A membership card to Blockbuster Video

2. A caricature done at Disney World

3. A Mr. Potato Head picture

4. A note from the truant officer at school

5. A picture of your My Space page

6. The seventh grade picture of you and your new puppy.

7. An FBI mug shot

8. A confirmation letter from the bellhop in your apartment complex

9. A collage of your high school yearbook page

10. A letter of recommendation from your priest

make sure you get out and vote, and if you do need ID in your state, take it along!