'Flint Town,' the eight-part documentary series on Netflix, has generated donations from all over the world for the financially-strapped Flint Police Department.

To date, only five of the 66 donations that have come in have been from Flint. A total of approximately $3,000 has been contributed from 22 US states and nine countries.

Flint Police Detective Tyrone Booth tells ABC-12 his department is grateful for the support.

"It's always something that you're caught off guard with because not all the time do individuals recognize or want to give, especially as it relates to law enforcement. But it's a great thing. We're excited about it and we're happy that people recognize the need and also the work."

Donations can be made through the Flint Police Foundation website.

'Flint Town' follows several members of the Flint Police Department, documenting their personal and professional lives. The series debuted March 2nd.

The NSFW trailer for the series can be seen here.

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