Think your job is safe? Not so fast... Tech guru Shelly Palmer sheds some (disturbing) light on five professions that will likely fall victim to automation in the near future.

"If you're a mid-level manager, your job's probably going first. If your job is taking a number from one box in Excel and putting it into another box in Excel and writing a narrative about how it got there, and then thinking that report's a big deal, machines are coming for you, and they're coming for you fast."

Salespeople, accountants and tax auditors, as well as journalists are all in the cross hairs too.

Palmer points out that some diagnostic services once performed exclusively by doctors can now be done with more precision by computers. But notes that some of the best surgeries are currently being performed with man-machine partnerships.

He goes on to note that humans who work closely with computers can be beneficial to employers, and suggests that those who form strong human-machine partnerships can bring a lot of value to their industries.

So what jobs are safest? Take a look at Shelly Palmer's list of the top five jobs that robots will take last here.

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